Learn How Home Builders Are Saving Their Clients Time & Money

Dave Hemmings, of Hemmings Carpentry, saved himself and his clients a significant amount of time and money by adopting the use of a mid-construction virtual capture.

The local carpentry firm set about the task of pulling the necessary pipes through Nuance board, as they fitted it into the main bathroom shower cubicle of a new build home in Essex.

After completing the installation of the Nuance board, the carpenters realised that the pipe for the waterfall shower had not been pulled through and must have been covered up by the insulation firm. Meaning the pipe was now covered by a layer of insulation, plasterboard and plaster as well as the top of the range Nuance Board.

After spending an extended period searching for the pipe, the carpenters and others on site were at a loss to locate where it could be.

Upon speaking to the owner, she informed Hemmings that a mid-construction virtual showcase had been conducted by Optic Matter previously in the build.

Mr Hemmings was then able to contact us and explain the problem. Using our software, and based on Hemmings explanation, we were then able to locate the exact spot – to within a millimetre – of where the end of the pipe would be.


From this point, the guys at Hemmings Carpentry were able to drill a straightforward hole through the plasterboard and plaster, creating an estimated saving of £550 – £700. Not to mention the time saved to book and allocate the necessary trades that would be required to correct the mistake.

Hemmings explains “To have 3D documentation of all the inner workings of this project turned out to be an invaluable tool. It saved my clients money and saved my company time!”

Hemmings continues

“This is just one occasion of now four, where we have ended up using and needing the 3D model, and the job hasn’t even finished yet. I will be recommending this service to all my future clients.”

*Image below: Example of measurements taken to solve the problem on site*


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