Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling delivers
efficiency, productivity and value to construction projects.

The construction industry is changing as technology is progressing, and an ever increasing numbers of architects, civil engineers and developers are introducing Building Information Modelling (BIM) to their everyday practices. BIM creates efficiency, productivity and value for construction projects.

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How It Works

Mid-Construction Capture – Hyper Realistic BIM Modelling Documentation

Stay On Track

Our Mid Construction 3D Modelling service contributes to BIM Level 3 and 4 documentation.

With our technology, you can create a full 3D model of your construction project. Detailing and documenting the inner workings of the development, such as MVHR, Mechanical and Electrical, heating systems and engineering work.

Never Loose A Pipe Or Cable Again

An MCC (Mid Construction Capture) also allows you to pinpoint items after the 2nd fix stages of the project, which can be sent, received and reviewed in seconds anywhere in the world.

You can also attach full PDF manuals and equipment documents to the items which can be downloaded, creating a virtual Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manual.

Mid-Construction Capture Example

Our MCC’s are designed to keep your project on track. By applying our pinpoint technology, you can capture a complete snapshot of a project at any moment in time, allowing you to review each phase of the project retrospectively.

Save Time & Capital

So far, our clients have experienced significant time and capital savings through using this service. Please view our sample tour below to gain a true understanding of how it works.

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Let’s face it.

Salespeople can pitch the benefits of a product all day, but ultimately, all that most of us are interested in is results. So what does it cost you not to use this service?

Something as simple as losing a pipe or cable behind plasterboard can have a knock-on effect on a project. First, it has to be found, which can cause damage to already completed work. While this is done, other trades may not be able to gain access to the area where they need to work.

Once the missing item is located repairs will need to be made, which also cost time and money. And, then there is the question of liability when considering who was at the route of the fault.

Time Capsule

Capturing what is essentially a time capsule of the build, in its exact state, can eleviate all of these problems and is only a rudemental example of its application. We are confident that you will discover new uses for this service consistently while using it.

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