By documenting your project with a virtual tour during the middle of its construction cycle, you give yourself the ability to avoid costly mistakes in the future.

How it works?

Our clients often request a virtual capture after the first fix stage of the project's development, allowing you rewind time at any point, and find things that may have been lost, missed, or miscommunicated during the build. Notably, before the plaster or any anything that will affect visibility has gone on to the walls.

This process gives you an accurate, photorealistic, virtual tour of the build in its entirety. From there we can detail and tag every aspect using our tagging system. (see examples in the tour below)

Timing is everything in a construction project, and active management is vital to keep things on track. Find out how our clients use this service to save time and money. Or, speak to one of our consultants to find out how we can help you, today.

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